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A place for young eco changemakers

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The Green Kids' Museum will be an interactive and fun children’s museum all about nature, our planet, our environment and living sustainably. The museum is mix of entertainment and education where we aim to create memorable learning experiences that drive sustainable choices.

A place for teachers to take their class or parents to go with their kids. A place to inspire action for a greener future Kenya.

We envision a world where children lead us towards change.

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Nurturing a new generation of Change Makers

Biodiversity loss, climate change, and the inevitable increased risk of pandemics  will have a drastic impact on the youth and their future livelihoods. Children are the real protagonists in our climate crisis. Sadly, at our current pace, the SDGs will be  accomplished by 2094. It is time now to pass the baton on to our children and empower them to protect their own futures. 

Our museum sets out to help young people strengthen their voice and be a platform from which to participate and contribute to positive change.

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With 2000 Sqm of fun and engaging exhibits, children are encouraged to pursue their curiosity and explore the wonder of the world around them and within their own imaginations. We take the children on a journey through the SDGs, showing them how everything on our planet is interconnected- even them!

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What better way to spark the love for the outdoors than by playing in beautifully designed natural play areas? Our large, outdoor adventure trail crosses through the forest and allows children to reconnect to nature.

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Workshop & Training Space


A place to host courses, workshops and seminars for all ages. A learning centre to dive deeper into ways in which we can all protect our planet.

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Our philosophy

No matter how young you are, where you are from or what colour you are, this is your world. Your future. Everyone can be a change maker. 

Children deserve a seat at the table and to be part of the decisions that impact their future. Let's empower them with the information and courage they need to lead us towards a greener future. 

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"You cannot protect the environment unless you empower the people. 
You inform them, you help them to understand that these resources are their own, that they must protect them.”

Wangari Maathai

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