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Our purpose is to help protect our children's future by strengthening
their role as environmental stewards.
Our museum will inspire and empower children to take action for a greener Kenya.

Image by Zach Vessels
Image by Tetbirt Salim
Image by Omotayo Kofoworola
Image by Santi Vedrí
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A museum can be outdoors or indoors, a museum can be a collection of art, history, facts or even voices.

But a museum is always a place of reflection learning and inspiration. Museums can also mirror events in society and become instruments of progress by calling attention to actions and events that will encourage development in the society.

Museums can act as agents of change.

Our museum presents children facts about nature and our environment and the fragile state we find ourselves in. But we also embrace our social role as a place from which to inspire change and strengthen the movement of strong, engaged and young changemakers.

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We are changemakers united by our passion for nature and our concern for the environment. A team of creative people of all ages who have joined forces to work collaboratively towards empowering the youth in our ecological disaster.

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