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What happens to our rubbish when we throw it away? How do plants travel? What will the Kenyan coast look like in 50 years? Can we turn our lights on with wind?

All questions about our environment. After a fun introduction to the Museum the children set off on an adventurous expedition in search of answers. The children form smaller groups and together they go on an a journey of discovery through the different theme rooms. They set on their way with an expedition map they transform into discoverers, trying to find the answers to the assignments and getting new little clues and insights on nature along their way.  
Our exhibits and activities will spark children’s learning through play. We encourage them to develop sustainable attitudes and give them realistic, homegrown ideas to make lasting change.

Collecting insects on pins and magnifying glass. Amateur or homemade insect  entomologist

Explore our natural world

Our Kids Museum will be constructed according to completely sustainable and green design methods. With our building, we want to support the positive message that buildings can not only be neutral in the resources they use, but even create a positive impact around them. We will build a Museum that embodies our sustainability mission.

The architecture will be novel and exciting as well playful and adventurous. The design will reflect the joyous and positive spirit we intend to create. 

Tribute to the trees

Forests are the lungs of our earth, and are relevant to all themes of the Kids’ Museum, whether to protect species, convert CO2 or as an inefficient energy source. Which is why we believe that trees and forests deserve a pavillion of their own. A place to pay homage to their beauty and value.

California Academy of Sciences
Building Robot Vehicle

Journey of discovery

With 2000 Sqm of fun and engaging exhibits, children are encouraged to pursue their curiosity and explore the wonder of the world around them and within their own imaginations. We take the children on a journey through the SDGs, showing them how everything on our planet is interconnected- even them!

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