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By educating and engaging children in environmental conservation issues we will help build sustainable habits and empower them to protect their future planet.

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Why youth & why now?

Despite its low contribution to greenhouse gas emissions, Africa is the most vulnerable continent to climate change. The region is already experiencing a disproportionate impact from increasing temperatures and rising sea levels to changing rainfall patterns and extreme weather. Nevertheless, the continent’s population continues to grow unprecedentedly. Whereas today 16% of the people on Earth live in Africa, by 2100 40% of the global population might be African.

Youth are significantly overrepresented in this forecast. Kenya has the largest percentage of young people in East Africa, with close to 40% of its nearly 54 million inhabitants being under 14 years of age.

In order to make any lasting change in the environmental prospects of Kenya - and the world for that matter - we must engage the youth. By empowering the youth, we are empowering a Nation.

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Museum Activism

We believe that by educating, involving and empowering children in environmental conservation, we can inspire a new generation of change-makers and thereby help them take charge of their own future. We believe a museum would be the perfect tool for this.

A museum is a place of learning, growth and inspiration. It is open to everyone, without any bias, discrimination or racism. Without being political, a museum can give voice to the citizenry and create avenues for dialogue.

We believe that a museum can leverage this cultural power and help shape the future for the common good. 

The Green Kids’ Museum will show what is happening to our world today. With child-friendly, interactive exhibits, the museum will present children with facts about nature and the environment, and about the various environmental challenges we face.  But it won’t point a finger or place blame. The overriding message will be how each child is able to make a positive difference to the world through making small, conscious changes in their everyday lives.

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